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During storms and showers, rain hits your roof and runs down it, falling into your gutters when it reaches the eaves. The water is then transported along the horizontal guttering sections until it reaches a down pipe where it then runs down into the surface water drainage system you have.

If at any point in the above process there is a fault with the guttering, rain water can easily find its way down onto the external walls and down into the foundations of your home and if walls are not protected sufficiently or are damaged, can find its way into the cavity and then sometimes in through internal walls causing damp and mould. If the water pools alongside your homes foundation, if temperature drops and the water freezes it can cause it to expand and generate cracks in your foundations of your home.

The time frame we recommend in the clearing of your gutters would be towards the end of spring and the ending of Autumn any earlier than this you will just need to clean again due to the increase of leaves dropping, If you have a lot of trees around your home then we suggest keeping an eye and clean the gutters when they are bare to remove as many leaf matter and foliage as possible.

Clogged gutters carry a lot of weight and will cause damage to the gutter clips and fascia boards that run directly behind the gutters.

If your gutters are full of foliage, this will create standing water on your roof, this if left will in the long term cause mould to breed inside your house. In addition to mould, the wood inside your roof will begin to rot and sag causing your homes structure to be compromised.

Your gutter helps to contribute to the lifespan of your roof, a roofs lifespan is between 10-30 years. A new roof is expensive, So it is essential to maximise the value of your current roof, something as simple as gutter cleaning will ensure you get the full potential of your roof.

We are fully insured and have a high level of experience cleaning gutters. While clearing the gutters we carry out checks to the joins and downpipes and brackets. We also check that the gutters are slopped correctly to ensure you are achieving there full potential and amend if necessary with the homeowners consent.

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