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Roof Maintenance

As leaves start to fall, the temptation to put the exterior of your home to the back of your mind is high.

Here at GS Roofing, we would argue that autumn is the best time to start looking at any signs of wear and tear on your roof surface. Gutters and chimneys, just as the weather begins to change. So, to keep your roof and home in top condition and extend its life, check out our roof maintenance tips!


These are the roofs main drainage system, allowing the rainwater to move quickly, safely and efficiently away from your home. Gutters will struggle with the pressure of falling leaves and animals nesting in them, branches overhanging your gutter will require cutting to ensure they do not block them or the down pipes. If you live in an area surrounded by trees it may be worthwhile having a gutter guard installed, this will fit securely and hide inside the gutters, acts as a filter and will keep the leaves away which in turn allows your gutters to work to their full potential.

Check your gutters are installed correctly at an angle, once clear of all debris, spray your garden hose and visually access how quickly the water washes away.

Look for signs of stress on the fixtures, holes and any splits and re seal as needed.

Checking the Roof

Check for overall signs of damage from cracked, disintegrating and missing shingle to lose, damaged tiles, making sure these are rectified before the weather worsens will prevent more costly repairs in the future.

Trim back overhanging branches as these can be a cause for concern when the storms hit, remove any fallen branches, twigs and leaves to avoid the gutters and tiles becoming damaged. Secondly, avoid any serious damage during future storms we would recommend cutting back any large branches and other rotting tree branches that could come off and damage your roof.

Check for damaged chimney bricks, torn flashing, weakening of joints and any other signs of corrosion all of which can lead to the minimum of leaks or your chimney collapsing under the stress of the bad weather.

Your loft can be the secret to unlocking a lot more complex and obscure roof problems, Check for any discoloration, damp, mould, condensation and distortion of surfaces, all of which can indicate underlying damp as well as heat and ventilation issues present in your home.

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