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How to prepare your roof for Spring?

We all love it when the winter comes to an end. We start preparing our gardens for our upcoming gatherings but many of us neglect the roof over our heads. Below our some tips to ensure your roof stays watertight:

Clean your Roof of Debris

Use heavy duty gloves to collect the debris and ensure you are not putting yourself at risk, Use a rake to reach areas out of your reach, Don’t forget to check the gutters and down pipes for debris as when the rain and snow has landed it needs somewhere to drain and if your gutters and down pipes aren’t clear, it will start damaging your roof tiles causing additional damage.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on surrounding trees to ensure they are not filling up the gutters!

Clearing Animal Nests

The spring is when animals like to come out and build their nests in whatever space they can find, This can cause significant damage as they are digging, chewing and burrowing. It is vital though that the debris is removed before the animals have laid their eggs as like us they can become very protective over their young.

Schedule a Roof Survey

After winter has hit we strongly advise getting a professional to complete a inspection, A licensed contractor specialises in spotting areas of potential risk before it turns in to a major issue. Regular inspections should be performed before and after summer to ensure your roof stays water tight and you don’t have any unexpected puddles in your home!

Here at GS Roofing we pride ourselves in overcoming roofing issues before they get to an emergency stage. We are fully insured and can complete all of the above for our clients. We like to also provide our clients with photos so they can fully see anything we have found that appears to be a problem which helps build trust with our new clients.

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