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0 Top Signs that your Roof is Falling into Disrepair

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Curled and buckled shingles (Flat Roof)

This can be a sign of age, Buckled shingles can occur because of moisture in the loft space forcing nails to push up and out of the roofs decking. This mishap can leave your home exposed to outside elements as well as being prone to shingle blow offs during a storm.

Tar Streaking and Algae

This is caused by bacteria eating away at the shingles waterproofing properties.

Cheap shingle manufactures compromise the weather proofing properties by using fillers like limestone to keep the cost low, therefore algae eaters away the limestone causing the black streaking.

Missing Granules

To check for missing granules it is a good idea to check your gutters and downspout splash pan for lose granules, sometimes you can shake it and if you hear rattling then that is a sure sign that you’re shingle granules are falling off. If you are missing shingles on you’re roof , there is a open pathway for water to enter you’re home.


If there isn’t proper ventilation in your loft warm air gets trapped, once this happens condensation develops on the underside of the roof, causing rusty nails and eventually Mould growth.

It can happen with new and old roofs due to over insulating, which in course will block some of the vents so air can not escape. This is why your home home needs appropriate intake (Soffits) and exhaust (Ridge vent)

It is extremely important that your home has a proper intake and ventilation as Mould and Mildew are an extremely intense health hazard and it is a recommendation that you should act now to prevent extra costs of replacing all damaged wood as well as Mould remediation.

Each roof should have a ridge vent to remove excess heat and moisture which in turn will save on energy bills and prevent peeling of interior paint.

Leaky Chimneys

Your roof and chimney should be properly flashed so your home is protected by the elements.

If you have water leaking around your chimney then that is a sure sign the chimney has not been flashed properly or that it is no longer performing.

You will want to make sure your roofing contractor has used a leak proof barrier to provide protection against leaks in vulnerable areas such as the chimney, eaves, rake and side walls.

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Roofing and Roofers Reading

Felt roof repair on shed roof

Very efficient with quoting, agreeing a date to carry out the work and keeping in contact. Small roof repair. Tidied up afterwards. Nice polite guys.

Customer in Reading 5 January 2019
Roofing and Roofers Reading

Emergency Repair of leaking Hip

Great and quick response, was given a reasonable quote and Gary came within two Hours of my call for an inspection. Work was done by his crew the next day. I would highly recommend GS Roofing for their politeness and quick response.

Customer in Reading 21 December 2018
Roofing and Roofers Reading

Removal and replacement of existing flat roof and fascia boards

Really happy with this. Gary and his colleague were polite, prompt and helpful with both the quote and the work; the price was good. Even when a second flat roof was discovered under the one he was removing, he carried out the extra work without complaint and didn't charge me any extra. He cleared all the rubbish and left everything neat and tidy. Excellent customer service and I have recommended him to others several times over.

Customer in Reading 29 October 2018
Roofing and Roofers Reading

New Roof

Can't fault these guys. I was recommended Gary from my friend and I wasn't disappointed! Roof isn't massive but was in a bad state, they stayed on late to get the job finished the same day. Arrived at 7am like arranged, was respectful of my neighbours. He visited my friend at 3am during a downpour to cover a hole in her roof so I'm sure if I have any issues he's just a phone call away. Thanks Gary your work was much appreciated.

Customer in Reading 1 April 2017
Roofing and Roofers Reading

We had 5 Velux windows fitted by G S Roofing. Removed old slates cut roof truss things and out new windows in the roof

Fast, efficient, minimum mess, no leaks, no call backs to fix anything. All done in a fast and efficient time, Gary is punctual and knowledgeable, he knows what he's doing and does it at a good price. He isn't interested in making a fast buck, he's more into making long term relationships with his customers. I will be using him again.

Customer in Reading 4 May 2016
Roofing and Roofers Reading

De-Moss roof and re-point chimney

A very nice and reliable team. Did exactly what was asked.

Customer in Reading 27 October 2016

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