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Millions of homes are adorned by concrete roofing tiles, featuring those manufactured by brands such as Redland, Marley and Sandtoft. Boasting a diverse array of brilliant practical advantages as well attractive visual appeal, concrete tiles have become a favourite within the roofing industry and homeowners across the UK. Despite the proven advantages many homeowners are torn as to which tile is best for your project. We will talk you through the benefits that concrete tiles have to offer to help you decision be an informed one: Tile manufactures have spent decades sourcing the best materials and refining their formulas to ensure high levels of strength, resilience, and durability. Concrete tiles are becoming stronger and able to withstand harsh weather conditions such as the camber tile which shows the impressive techniques used in the manufacturing of these tiles as they have introduced a slight curve into the tile to reduce the ability to lift and to overcome any bowing that naturally occurs throughout the lifespan of the tile. Marley a leading tile manufacture have created a fully durable and robust concrete tile with a 30mm thickness that can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. Concrete tiles have a range of styles to suit your needs and style raining from the plain tile to the double roman or the pantile, ranging from natural brown, contemporary greys, gorgeous greens and the deepest of reds the choice is completely yours! The Colour piment used in these tiles not only ensures a great consistency while laid on the roof but also ensures the colour is fully maintained throughout the ageing process. While minor breakages can occur, Concrete tiles are generally very low maintenance. The only real work that is required after the installation of concrete tiles is clearing the moss every few years to ensure the tiles are well maintained and stay looking and performing at their best! When it comes to energy efficiency of your home, concrete tiles are a better option as they have a heavier thermal mass which in turn helps trap the heat during the winter effectively controlling the indoor temperatures and cuts down your energy bills. To conclude, Concrete tiles are long lasting, affordable, and low maintenance with the constant improvements in the manufacturing stages this tile can only improve.

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